Remote Learning

During these unprecedented times, we understand that schools are facing a range of different challenges, particularly around safeguarding children.

Remote learning means that safeguarding isn’t straightforward. The principles remain the same, but arrangements may need some adaptation.

That’s why, at National Online Safety, we’re keen to provide as much support as we can through taking a more proactive approach to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Remote learning modules for DSLs and SENCOs

It goes without saying that online learning has become the norm of late and, because of this, it’s vital that we all remain vigilant when it comes to online safety.

Safeguarding children online has never been more important.

To reflect this, our Annual Online Safety Courses for Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) and for Professionals Working with Children with Special Needs are being equipped with remote learning modules, so that staff can help protect their students online.

Following the latest Department for Education (DfE) guidance

The latest Department for Education (DfE) COVID-19 guidance acknowledges that schools and colleges will be operating differently throughout this uncertain time, while reinforcing that there are specific safeguarding principles which have to be adhered to.

Both of our modules will be produced in line with the latest guidance from the DfE.

Learners will understand what the DfE guidance means for those who work as a DSL or with children with special educational needs and disabilities, so that you can adjust your approach accordingly – it’s all about continuous delivery with as little reduction to disruption to the pupil(s) as possible.

To find out more about these and our range of online safety courses, please click here.

Posted by Pete Badh


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